I am very honored to be giving a new talk at MCE 2015 this coming February... I hope to meet some of you there!
Many apologies for the delay of this week's case... while you're waiting, please check out one of my writing projects especially for this Christmas season: Dark Yule .

At the conclusion of a presentation, Jinyu was approached by several of her abbots. One said, “In your talk you mentioned the Four Types of Meeting Attendee. What are these?”

Jinyu counted off on her fingers:

“Those who come to inform,
those who come to learn,
those who come to be dutiful,
and those who come to be noticed.”

A second abbot nodded his head, saying, “Clearly we have too few of the first and second types.”

Jinyu said impatiently, “Yes, yes; I see you.”

Topics...  meetings, yes-men