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Fall 148

Subtle Art

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When this story reached the ears of the curious nun Satou, she sought out master Bawan.

Satou said, “My master spoke of the Subtle Art of Caching, that all Temple developers should study. What is this subtle art?”

Bawan replied, “A thousand fresh oranges in a distant market; three stale ones in the bowl on my table. What shall I breakfast upon this month?”

Satou considered this and said, “When the bitterness of the fruit exceeds the bitterness of the journey, we set out with coin in hand.”

Bawan replied, “My brother keeps raisins in his bowl; my sister keeps uncooked fish. How often shall we three set out for market? With how many bowls, and at what time of day?”

Satou said, “Such simple questions, yet to answer any I must ask more.”

Bawan replied, “And I may answer each of your questions with more of my own.”

Satou asked, “Is it this complexity that makes caching a Subtle Art?”

Bawan shook his head. “Complexity only makes it an art. It is the apparent simplicity that makes it subtle. How simple it is to declare a static hashtable, and yet how perilous! The first challenge of a Subtle Art is recognizing that it even exists in the first place.”