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Case 169

Best Practices

The old scribe Qi was summoned to a meeting with two senior abbots.

The first abbot said, “Developers are ignoring our many Standards and Practices documents. We have checked the files in to a project in the source repository; no one downloads it. We have made PDF links available on a special web page; no one visits it. We have painstakingly copied the content into a wiki; no one browses it.”

The second abbot said, “We are now considering printing out the entire set, and binding it as a book. We would place one copy on each developer’s desk. What is your opinion?”

“Bind them in white paper,” said the scribe. “When a year has passed, the thick dust will not show as readily.”

“We wish developers to use them,” said the first abbot.

“Ah!” said the scribe. “Then bind them in red paper, for when the nights grow cold they will burn more cheerily.”

“We wish developers to read them,” said the second abbot.

“Then let me know how you achieve this!” said the scribe. “For I have never found a way to make anyone read anything against their will.”

“Why do you play the fool instead of helping?!” shouted the first abbot.

“Wú,” said the scribe. “You brought in wild dogs who have ruined three sofas, and now you’re asking me what color the fourth should be. I keep telling you: it is not the furniture that needs to be changed.”