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Case 21


A certain monk was reported to be unwilling to leave his terminal. For two days he had gone without food or sleep.

When the Java master investigated, he found the monk visibly shaken. On screen was the following code, which at that moment was running under the debugger:

    while (true) {
       /* do nothing */

“I have asserted that the loop must execute while truth itself is true,” said the monk. “Yet if I hit the Interrupt key, the loop will terminate. The implication is that, in that precise moment, truth will no longer be true. How can any of us dare to disturb the program? We might bring chaos upon the world!”

The Java master reached down and pulled the plug out of the wall. The screen went black.

“Now the loop can never be interrupted,” said the master.

The monk’s mind was eased.

Topics...  loops, infinity