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A certain nun was prone to pester master Bawan for his wisdom. One day she said: Say something of high-level languages and low-level languages.

Bawan replied: First fetch me the best bottle of huangjiu to be found in the Province of Two Turbulent Rivers.

The nun journeyed to this province and returned a week later with a bottle of dark liquid.

Bawan took a sip and remarked: this huangjiu is too sweet. A superior bottle may be found hidden in our own cellars, though the way to it is laden with traps. Now heed carefully what I say...

The master then gave the nun a most detailed set of instructions, beginning with which direction to face, which foot to put first and which second; how many steps to go before turning right and how many then before turning left; which hands to use to climb down the well-rope, and how hard to pull the earring on the second stone statue in the third alcove before crossing the Room of Cleverly-Hidden Poison Spears.

The nun followed the directions and returned within the hour, drenched in cold sweat but bearing the desired bottle.

Bawan took a sip and nodded his approval. The nun bowed and went out, enlightened.

That evening, a monk of the same clan approached master Bawan and asked: what can you say of high-level languages and low-level languages?

In a low slurred voice, the master replied: I have no wisdom to give on this matter. But fetch me the best rice in the Province of Two Turbulent Rivers, and I will tell you how to get a week’s peace and two free bottles of huangjiu.