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lekko fachowe  lekko fachowe

Przypadek 216


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This same monk continued to assist users of the toolkit he had authored. But after another unproductive week spent answering their questions he reached the end of his patience, and again complained to his fellows.

“Perhaps Landhwa of the Spider Clan can advise you,” suggested one. “His talent for avoiding tedious work is legendary throughout the Temple; for although there have been lazier monks than he, none have managed to keep their heads attached.”

So the monk messaged Landhwa, described his problem, and asked his advice.

An hour later, the monk received a reply on his screen:

Of all the users of your toolkit, it began, who is the most stubbornly proud of his own intellect? Who would rather take a hundred blows than admit one gap in their knowledge of any subject?

The monk thought for a moment, then typed, Kew Niao, certainly.

Very well, came the reply. Whenever you receive an unwanted question, say that you are indisposed at the moment, and have the sender consult Kew Niao.

The monk frowned. I will still find that bothersome, he typed.

In that case, came the reply, configure your account so that questions with particular keywords are quietly forwarded to Kew Niao, with neither party the wiser.

Excellent! typed the monk. How is this done?

Sadly, I must confess that I do not know, came the reply. But I am absolutely CERTAIN that LANDHWA knows.

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