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Case 26:

The Uncorrected Monk

(not geeky)  

Two priests of the Seven-Clawed Blind Eagle Clan found Java master Banzen sobbing at his keyboard. They asked what ailed him so.

“The code of this monk is abysmal,” said the master. “The package structure is unintuitive, the class names undescriptive, the methods overly complex, and the comments entirely useless. For the last ten years he has attended every lecture I have given, and in truth he has followed my instructions to the letter. Yet the fruits of his labors are unpalatable in the extreme.”

The first priest looked over the code. “Certainly, correction is in order. I suggest that you begin with a simple whipping.”

The master sighed and nodded, lowering the drape of his robe to bare his shoulders.

An excerpt from The Codeless Code, by Qi (qi@thecodelesscode.com).
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