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Case 75

Fear of Commitment

The monk Djishin approached the master of the Elephant's Footprint Clan and said: “Teach me something of commits and rollbacks.”

The master replied: “I can only teach you of commits.”

Djishin said: “Then say something of commits.”

The master replied: “I already have.”

Djishin said: “I came begging for an orange. You have given me only the rind.”

The master’s hand shot out from his robe; his open palm landed square on the monk’s forehead. The blow sent Djishin reeling backwards into a pillar, skull first. The monk collapsed to the floor unconscious.

When the monk came to, the master asked: “What did I say of commits?”

Djishin held his throbbing head and replied: “I cannot remember”.

The master declared: “Rollback!”