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Selected cases concerning
Laughing Monkey Clan

- - -

Specialists in the business tier, where monkey business usually happens. Members of this clan have a traditional fighting style which involves throwing wrenches at their opponents; this is tolerated because it is not the worst thing that Monkeys have been known to throw.

There is a theory that an finite number of Laughing Monkeys pounding away randomly at an finite number of keyboards will eventually get a clean compile. The existence of the Standard PHP Library would seem to imply that this has already happened.

slightly geeky160The Eye of the Beholder··EN··IT···RU·2014-08-31
extremely geeky147Bawan's Table··EN··IT···RU·2014-06-01
moderately geeky135Ass-Backwards Compatibility··ENES·IT···RU·2014-03-09
slightly geeky116Trust No One··ENESFRIT···RU+·2013-10-24
moderately geeky113Black Sheep··ENESFRIT···RU+·2013-10-07
moderately geeky110The Trunk··ENESFRIT···RU·2013-09-15
moderately geeky104Guardrails··ENESFRIT···RUZH2013-07-28
slightly geeky78Crashing the Third Gate··ENES·IT···RU·2013-01-20
extremely geeky72Too Eager··ENES·IT···RU·2012-12-15
not geeky52Buckets··ENESFRIT···RU·2012-08-17
not geeky49Banzen's investigation··ENESFRIT+···RU·2012-07-28
extremely geeky45Full Circle··ENESFRIT···RU·2012-07-08
moderately geeky43Holes··ENESFRIT+···RU·2011-06-08
moderately geeky37Simulation··ENESFRIT+···RU·2011-06-07
not geeky36Division··ENESFR+IT+···RU·2011-05-15
moderately geeky22Safety··ENESFRIT+···RU·2010-11-23
slightly geeky12Effect··ENESFRIT+NL··RUZH2010-11-11
slightly geeky7The Enemy of the Good··ENES+FRIT+NL··RUZH2010-11-09
extremely geeky6EmptyDA·ENESFRIT+NL··RUZH2010-11-09